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293 Dawson Wy, Chestermere, AB T1X 2R6, Canada

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(403) 700-6887

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Mon-Fri : 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

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Visitor Visa

C$600 (for one applicant - without prior refusal) Plus, add C$400 for each additional applicant

C$800 (for one applicant - with prior refusal from one country) Plus, add C$400 for each additional applicant

C$450 (Visitor Visa Extension)

C$1500 (Restoration Status)

Work Visa

C$650 (Post-Graduation Work Permit)

C$350 (Co-Op Work Permit)

C$650 (Work Permit/Visa Extension)

Starting from C$2500 (LMIA supported Work permit) This is work permit fee - only for people who already have an LMIA supported job offer.

C$1500 (Spousal Open Work-Permit)

C$1600 (Restoration Status)

Study Visa

C$999 (Complete Package - without prior refusal)

C$1499 (Complete Package - with prior refusal)

C$499 (Study Permit/Visa Extension)

C$1499 (Restoration Status)

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